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Test Applications
Dec 17, 2019

Testing 2020

The union will be offering exams to advance to the C Test this Winter 2020

The "C" Test    Written & Practical will be on Tuesday January 14, 2020

from 9AM-5PM in the Kennedy Center-Terrace Theatre

Who can take the test?

Any individual who meets the requirements set down in the Local 22 Referral Rules and Procedures, and who is working under the referral is eligible to take this test.  For the A list, seven (7) out of ten (10) years of service is required.  For the B list, four (4) out of six (6) years of service is required. For further questions, please see the Referral Rules  & Procedures on Local 22’s website (under the Resources tab) or you may call the Union Office for a copy of the document.

All applications MUST be made, in writing, to the Union Office

by Close of Business, TUESDAY JANUARY 7, 2020.

 Please use the form provided with this letter. You must provide appropriate documentation for your years in service – i.e. W-2 forms, Year End Check stubs, benefit summaries from the Union, or other proof of work experience. 

If you anticipate difficulties in taking the exam due to your current physical condition or due to a disability, please inform us upon registration. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

How the test works:

  • Register using the form. You will get a call from the office confirming your eligibility to take the exam. Alternatively, you may get a call asking you to verify more hours from other sources if you did not meet the initial threshold.
  • Show up on the scheduled day and time. Please note that the exam has the same status as a “work or show call.” If for any reason you can not take the test either on the scheduled day or time, you MUST call the Call Steward or the Business Agent two (2) hours before the scheduled test time. If you do not call the Call Steward or Business Agent two (2) hours before time you will be subject to disciplinary action by the Union.
  • Bring your tools. Come prepared to take a test that is both written and practical.

  • The passing grade for this test is 85%.   Please refer to the “IATSE Procedures and Rules FINAL version - REVISED with Beck Notice 05-18-05.pdf). If you do not have a copy of the aforementioned Referral Procedures you may get a copy form the IATSE Local 22 Office or at the website www.iatselocal22.com (look under the Information Tab).  All persons scoring 85% or higher on both Practical and Written exams will advance to the appropriate level of the referral list. A combined score is not allowed.

What to expect:

            This can be a long day. If a lot of people register, it can take several hours to administer the exam, and you might spend some time waiting to finish all the practical stations. We suggest you bring your own lunch, if you think you might get hungry. Once you have entered the testing area, we cannot let you leave until you have completed the exam. You may bring something to read, if it is not test related material, for example, the newspaper or a paperback are good choices. The Backstage Handbook is not a good choice.

            Do not bring a cell phone, smart phone or other digital assistant. We will not allow you to make and receive calls during the testing period. Do not bring your study materials with you to the exam area. You will not be permitted to return to your car for anything you have forgotten. If there is an emergency, you may be contacted via the Testing Supervisor. Contact the office for further information.

Did I pass?

            We grade the exams as soon as we can. And then we double check them again, and again. And then the office is notified of who has passed the exam and who has not. So about a week after the exam is given, you should be notified. The union sets a date for when your change in status goes into effect.

            If you did not pass, and there is something you wish to appeal, then please contact the office no later than two weeks after notification of your score. You can make an appointment to review your exam, and file an appeal to your grade.

What do I need to study?

Everything. The exam is a comprehensive exercise in being a stagehand, not just an electrician or a rigger or a carpenter, for example.

We recommend that you obtain a copy of the Local 22 Study Guide. These are available from the office, on our website, or ask a member of the Test Committee for a copy. The test Committee has appended a short list of texts which you may find useful. These books are available in many bookstores, or can be ordered for you. There are also many websites related to stagecraft on the Internet. These can be a very good source for up to date information. Do not overlook the valuable information available from the people you work with everyday! Ask questions, if you have questions. We recommend you seek information from the office, the officers of the Local, and senior members of the referral for information on procedures.

You should also take advantage of the classes that have been and are being given by the Training and Education department.  It is important to note that every effort is being made in these classes to provide full knowledge of professional technical theater, but that they are not teaching the test.


We will hold the right to assign the test session that you will attend. If you apply to take the exam, you will be expected to fulfill your commitment, and appear on the assigned day, at the correct time. There will not be a ‘make-up exam’. This is an investment in your career, and we hope you will treat it as such.

You must show up on time, and be prepared to take an exam that is both written and practical. Just like reporting to work, your tools are required.


            The Local 22 Testing Committee

            Lorna Worley, Chairperson



More Information:
Local 22 C-Test
IATSE Local 22
1810 Hamlin St. NE
Washington, DC 20018

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