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January 23, 2018

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InfoComm: AV Industry Organization and Online Training

InfoComm is the trade association for the professional audiovisual (AV) communications industry worldwide. InfoComm is the founder of InfoComm International, the largest convention of AV systems integration and communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies, products, services and applications.

InfoComm is the industry leader in education and certification for AV professionals. The industry standard for professional expertise is InfoComm’s certified technology specialist (CTS) designation. InfoComm also offers information services including market intelligence, news, and an online database of over 80,000 AV products.

IATSE is now an Organizational Member of InfoComm. That means if you are a member of Local 22, you can access 6 InfoComm online classes free of charge. For complete instructions for how to register for classes through the IA and InfoComm, click this LINK.

IATSE Local 22 Training has been a member of InfoComm and through that membership we have provided discounts to their online courses that we passed on to you. At this time we are working to extend those discounts, but since the International has started their new contract with InfoComm, we are temporarily not able to do that. Stay tuned.

InfoComm course information:

InfoComm does have an online version of their CTS Certification Prep class, but that requires a whole different setup. It is on their 5-week schedule and requires attendance at weekly webinars. If you are interested in it, please contact the Training Director.

  • You will have 90 days to complete any course, on your own schedule, after contact with InfoComm.
  • There are typically 20-30 hrs of work involved in each class.
  • Lesson – Quiz is the structure of classes.
  • Blocks and Section Review are included as well.
  • You can download an outline of any of the 5 courses below by clicking on its title.
  • You can also use this link to get information from InfoComm’s website.

There are 5 courses that are of most interest to us:

  • Offering a basic understanding of the audiovisual communications industry.
  • COST: Free
  • A thorough introduction to roles in the audiovisual industry and the most basic introduction to technology concepts.


  • Integrates customer service skills, technical knowledge and practical tips to prepare you to meet the needs of AV technology in production situations.
  • This course offers logical, easy to understand step-by-step procedures for AV techs. In addition, the course tests comprehension of the material, incorporates video demonstrations on pipe and drape installation and folding screen set up, and provides a downloadable reference. Students can get answers to some frequently asked troubleshooting questions and practice connecting equipment in proper sequence using interactive graphics.


  • This course helps students develop mathematical proficiency in AV calculations. It blends online lessons with short videos and provides a downloadable workbook with real-world AV math practice problems.

After successfully completing any of the courses, we should be contacted by InfoComm with that information for our database, but please let us know on your own as well. That information can be used by our call steward to increase your chances of getting hired for AV jobs. Some of the courses also make you eligible to take InfoComm’s certification exams. Contact us for information about reducing the rates for those exams.

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