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October 16, 2018

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Information for TET Students About the Local 22 Referral List System

Local 22 Referral System Lists

The Local 22 Referral System has 4 Lists; A, B, C, and D. For specific information about all the lists and requirements for taking the exams, use this LINK to the Local 22 Referral Rules. Once you are on the D list, the office keeps records on your time in service, and should notify you when you are eligible to take any of the exams. If you believe you have reached eligibility, it’s a good idea to check with the office to make sure they haven’t missed something.

D list: You are automatically added to the D list when you take your first job from the call steward. There is no exam for entry. This is the bottom list in the system, but at least you are ahead of anyone who is an applicant, that is, who has not taken any jobs yet.

C list: The C list is the next step up and requires a period of time in service, that is, working jobs for Local 22. When you have passed this requirement, you are eligible for the exam that is required. This exam is given twice a year; in or near June, and in or near December. This exam is the easiest, and if you have finished all the classes in the TET program, you should be able to pass it. All the exams have a written part (multiple choice) and a practical part. The practical part will usually involve some identification of hardware and tools, and asking you to complete some typical stagehand tasks.

B List: The B list is another step up, requires more time in service, and another exam. This exam is only given once a year; in or near June. The practical part of this exam is much more extensive, and requires a large staff and access to a stage venue, which is why it can’t be given more than once a year. There will be practical exercises in all skill areas; lighting, rigging, grips, props, AV, audio.

A List: The A list is the top of the line. It is deliberately the hardest to reach, since the Local considers people on the A list capable of doing any job, including heading a crew or being a job steward. Extensive time in service is required to be eligible for its exam, which is given in the same time period as the B list exam and is very extensive.

In general, the call steward uses these lists to categorize who is called in what order, starting with the A list. There are other considerations for jobs that sometimes mean someone gets preference over someone on a higher list. They include; knowledge of a specialized skill, a request from an employer, experience at a venue. And all these things figure into decisions concerning who gets laid off first. If you’re showing a good attitude and skills, have all your tools, and know how to use them, you’ve improved your chances of staying on a call.

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