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October 16, 2018

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Information for TET Students About Local 22 Work Rules


The phone numbers you need to reach the office are on a laminated card you should receive when you register for the referral system to go to work for us. The office number is available only during office hours:

The Office number is 202-269-0212

The Jobline is 202-269-5151:

  • This recording is available 24 hours and is used to inform the office that you are available to work.  When you are released from any job you are on, you should call the Jobline promptly to get back on the availability list.
  • If there are any conditions to your availability, i.e. you can't work on Wednesdays, say so when you call the Jobline. 
  • If you have called in with no conditions, the office will expect you to accept whatever job is available.  If you turn it down, that will move you to the bottom of the list.  If you are new to the list and turn down any jobs, that will threaten your status on the list. 
  • In other words, make yourself available if you want to work.  Our business depends on meeting the needs of the employer whenever and whatever they are. 

If for any reason you cannot get to a job, you must call the office:

  • During business hours, you can call the office at 202-269-0212.
  • Any other time you can reach him/her at 202-832-4222 (someone is with this phone at all times after hours).  If you don't get an answer, Leave a message, and call back. 
  • All these numbers are on the laminated card you will receive when you are in the system.  Make sure you talk to a person (call steward or business agent) and don't just leave a message. It is vital that you get replaced on the job. This must all happen no later than 2 hours before the call time, so that a replacement can be found and get there in time.


When you go on a call, you must be prepared to go to work at the jobsite, on time.  There are a few simple rules to follow to make this happen which are in the packet of information you will receive when you sign up. That information is listed here:

1)  If you are not clear about

  • WHERE to report to
  • WHO to report to, or
  • HOW to get there

 PLEASE ASK. The office needs to know that you know what is expected of you.

2)  Be on time. You have to know where you are going and allow enough time to get there with time to spare, including finding a place to park and getting to the actual work location.  Get some good maps, locate the venues, and find out about parking or Metro stops and schedules. Check the Local 22 website>Member Resources>Working Venues for addresses, website links, and maps.

3) Have your tools.  Again, in your information packet, there is a list of required tools that you must have for all jobs:

  • Claw Hammer-minium 12oz, 16 oz recommended
  • 6” Pliers, slip joint or ChannelLocks
  • 6” diagonal pliers (dikes)
  • Crescent adjustable wrench, 6” to 8”
  • Standard screwdriver, flat blade
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 25’ tape measure (min. length)
  • multi tool or knife
  • Flashlight, MiniMag is good

Get them and organize them so that you can have them with you whenever you go to a job.  You may not need all of them, you may not need any of them, but it is impossible to know ahead of time, and the crew chief can send you home and replace you if you don't have them.  Again, our work depends on us being ready for anything, so make yourself ready.

You are also required to carry the following forms of ID, for employer tax form purposes:

  • Drivers license
  • Social Security card or:
    • Passport or
    • Work visa

Making copies of your tax forms and bringing them with you is also a good idea.

4) Be alcohol and drug free.  How you spend your time away from work is your business.  But on the job in our industry, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very dangerous to you and others on the job.  You could be asked to work high in the air, you could be asked to operate machinery or power tools.  You could be endangering your life, your coworkers won't appreciate your endangering them, and we won't appreciate the effect on our reputation. 

5) Be ready to work.  Get to the jobsite a little early so you can check in with the steward, find a place for your coat, toolbag, etc., and have your tools ready to go when work begins.  We're expected to go to work at starting time, and not waste our employers' or the rest of the crew's time while we get prepared.

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