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July 11, 2020
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Union Member Dues Information

Union Member Dues Information

2018 Stamps are $60.00/Quarter, $240/Year,   payable in advance.

2019 Stamps will be $61.00/Quarter, $244/Year,   payable in advance. 

Welcome to IATSE Local 22. We are pleased to have you aboard and we hope you will make us proud of you with your service and dedication to Local 22. The Members and Officers of Local 22 recognize that sometimes there are life changes and situations that may inhibit or prevent you from fulfilling your financial obligations to Local 22. Listed below is information that will make these transitions less painful for you the member and for the organization of Local 22:

Withdrawal Cards

If you are hurt, leaving the area for an extended time, going to school, experimenting with a new career path, or don’t wish to work  as a stagehand, AV Tech or Projectionist for whatever reason you can request a withdrawal card for Local 22.

To get the withdrawal card you MUST:



·        YOU MUST NOT DO ANY COVERED WORK IN LOCAL 22’S JURUSDICTION and write in your letter for a withdrawal card that you understand that you cannot do Stagehand, AV or Projection work in the Local 22 jurisdiction.

Once you are issued a withdrawal card:

·        You will not have to pay a new initiation Fee if you decide to return as a member of Local 22

·        You will be responsible for paying only up to 24 months of back dues should you decide to return to Local 22.

To be restored to membership in Local 22 you MUST:

·        Inform the Secretary Treasurer-in writing- that you wish to be restored to membership in Local 22. Your name will be submitted to the body for vote unless Vested or Union Security Clause. 

·        Pay all back dues up to 24 months

·        Buy the current stamp.

·        Wait for the IA in New York to approve your return

Union Member Information


If you do not take a Withdrawal Card and you fall behind in paying your union dues to the point that you are expelled, please note the following:

·        If you work in a theatre, venue, studio, under a CBA (collective bargaining agreement or “contract”) that has a Union Security Clause (USC) in it, and you work 30 days or 240 hours in that venue with a USC, you will be required to join Local 22 again and become a member in good standing to continue work in a theatre, venue, studio, under a CBA that has a Union Security Clause (USC) in it.

·        In order to become a member in good standing you must make a new application to become a member in Local 22.

·        You must submit a letter requesting reinstatement to the Sec. Treas. of Local 22

·        You must pay all of your back dues even past the 24-month limit BECAUSE… YOU DID NOT GET A WITHDRAWAL CARD.

·        The IA in NY MUST approve your letter requesting reinstatement. NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT WORK IN THAT PARTICULAR THEATRE, VENUE, STUDIO, UNDER A CBA THAT HAS A USC IN IT UNTIL the IA in NY APPROVES YOUR letter requesting reinstatement and this can take 2 weeks to a month.

·        Remember YOU CANNOT WORK IN THE VENUE OR UNDER THE CBA WHERE YOU WERE TERMINATED UNTIL YOU ARE A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING. You can work elsewhere in Local 22’s jurisdiction (until you accumulate 30 days or 240 hours under that CBA)

If you have any questions please call the Secretary Treasurer at 202.269.5144 and or visit the Secretary Treasurer page.

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